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Not Only men in My Life

There is more to life than men. By the time I come home from London escorts, I do not want to go out on more dates. The only thing is that I like to chat to guys in bars and pubs. Many of them ask for my telephone number and I do give it out. Often when I have done so, I regret it straight away. I really do not have the time to date them and all of the guys that I meet up with at the London escort service that I work.

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Sometimes, I even get a bit annoyed when they hone me up. They are all pleased to hear my voice and want to take me out. I am sure that I would have good time, but it would not be the same thing as dating my gents at London escorts. All of the gents that I date at the escort agency in London take my to the best places. I think that I have become a little bit spoiled but I guess that is okay. Like one of the girls at the escort agency says – it comes with the job.

If I had more time, I would like to go out with guys but I did not want to the traditional kind of stuff. I get all of that at London escorts. Rather I would like to meet a guy who suggests something a little bit more unusual. A day out or something like that would be okay. I rather have a day out in the countryside than going to yet another London restaurant. It would be fun to spend the day in wellies and jeans, but I am not sure if I will ever find the right guy.

Most guys also find it hard to deal with the fact that you are an escort. When you tell them, they seem to disappear at lightning speed. I have tried lying to them but it has always come back and bitten me in the bum. It is always best to be honest, so I do tell the guys that I work for great adult website with London escorts. You can tell what they think by the look on their faces, and you may as well right off the relationship from the start.

Yes, I am sure that I will meet the right guy one day. But, I think before that happens, I would have to change my personal circumstances. At the moment, I am not prepared to do that. I enjoy my life as it is and I have done well. Most London escorts tend to be very independent and I certainly fall within that category. If I had my way, I would carry on escorting for a long time yet. It is a great job to be in and I have met a lot of nice guys. A couple of them would make my dream partner, but I am not even sure how to get that conversation going.…


Adult Escort: A Love Story

It happens more than you might imagine. A beautiful and very sexy escort is hired by a client for a no attachment type of relationship. However, the client, falls for his date. George is a college guy that is away from home for the first time. He has a campus apartment that he shares with fraternity brothers. His birthday was coming up, after mid-terms. George was a bit of a nerd and a country boy from Kansas. He was also a virgin, they suspected. Time to turn George into a man. They decided to get good old George a date for this birthday, but they were going to keep the fact that the sexy girl was from escorts adults services they’d found in the yellow pages.

The fraternity brothers sprang the surprise date on George, the very morning of his birthday. It was love at first sight for George and the beautiful escort that was named Lizabeth. George was so tongue tied that he found it difficult to speak in her presence. She suggested that they go to the little restaurant on the edge of the campus for food and cocktails. George eagerly agreed. George was really falling in love with this beautiful girl. They got along great. She listened to his every word. She even complimented him on his sexy smile and his beautiful eyes. George accidentally brushed his hands across hers as they sat down at the table in the restaurant. Instead of jerking her hand away. She grasped his hand in hers and pulled him toward her and gave him a deep long sexy kiss. George could feel his heart pounding in his ears. He boldly kissed her back on the lips and lingered there for a few seconds. He opened his eyes and considered her face, radiating with a look of pure pleasure.

At the end of the date, George was very nervous. He wanted to see the girl again. She asked him to take her back to her place. George smiled with pleasure and escorted her back to her apartment that was in a ritzy part of town. They had a glass of wine and talked well into the night. George felt like he was on cloud nine. He’d never gotten this lucky with a girl before. His heart was pounding with love for the beautiful girl. George asked her if she felt the way he did.

“This is love at first site,” George uttered as they sat close on the couch.

“Yes, I feel the same way, ” she replied.

They shared a romantic night. George asked for her number. She scribbled it down for him on a pink notepad on the dresser in her bedroom. He returned to the frat brother’s apartment and told them he was in love. He’d met the girl of his dreams. She’s beautiful, sexy, charming, and has this cute little laugh. They were shocked and did not have the heart to tell George the girl was a payed adult escort.

“Oh, thanks guys for the great evening, George said.

The frat brothers said nothing. They looked kind of guilty.

“I booked a date with her for next week.” The guys looked shocked and realized that George was on to their little game.

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